V’know Wine Appreciation Pack

What is V’know

Wine appreciation is not about snobbery and exclusivity. Wine appreciation is a lifestyle that can be unlocked through knowledge. The key to enjoying a good wine is to understand its composition, how to consume it and when. The company you are in, the setting and the occasion also play their part.


V’know / pronounced vi-no/ is a down-to-earth wine appreciation pack offers a door into this knowledge filled world for anyone who purchases it, with the added benefit of convenience by delivering to you doorstep.  We see this as a journey. Whether your interests lie in everyday wines or truly special vintages, we want you to understand not just what you like but why you like it.
The V’know team undertake an extensive selection process in order to source excellent, new and exciting wines, the hidden gems which come from passionate wine makers. Every two months, 6 bottles of these discoveries can be delivered directly to your door for you to enjoy.

The Benefits

  • Discounted prices on wines in each bi-monthly pack
  • No commitment, no hassle, no fuss
  • Printed detailed tasting and producer notes, glossary of terminology, when to enjoy and suggested food pairings in each bi-monthly pack
  • Ability to re-order any of the wines received in packs of 6 at discounted prices 
  • Mailers announcing bi-monthly pack releases as well as limited edition wine releases as soon as they become available

V’know Membership

Select the perfect membership option for you

  • Rookie

  • R1200/mo
    • 6 Bottles of wines
    • Free delivery
    • Invitations to member events & tastings
    • Member only competitions

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  • Rookie Plus

  • R2000/mo
    • Upgrade to 6 x 2 bottles of the Rookie pack wines at even further discounted prices
    • Free delivery
    • Invitations to member events & tastings
    • Member-only competitions

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V’know Selection

This month’s V’know pack consists of one bottle of each of the following wines:

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