Oak Valley Groenlandberg Chardonnay 2022

R1,788.00per case of 6

The exquisite Groenlandberg Chardonnay is meticulously hand-picked and sourced from their breathtaking mountain block nestled on a south-facing slope, 430 meters above sea level. It is within this enchanting altitude, combined with the region’s distinctive microclimate, that the true magic unfolds. With utmost care and a gentle approach to winemaking, each bottle of this remarkable wine becomes a testament to its artistry.


Delighting the senses, the Groenlandberg Chardonnay exhibits a delicate elegance that is harmoniously balanced with a profound depth of character. Every sip transports one to the very heart of its origin, evoking a profound sense of place that captivates and enchants all who experience it.


Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, the Groenlandberg Chardonnay is a masterpiece that showcases the mastery and passion of its creators. It is a testament to the remarkable potential of nature and human ingenuity working in perfect harmony, resulting in a wine that truly embodies the essence of magnificence.


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Estate: Oak Valley

Vintage: 2021

Varietal:  Chardonnay

Alcohol: 13.26%

Residual Sugar: 1.7 g/l

Total Acidity: 7.9 g/l

pH: 3.16

Additional Information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 275 × 190 × 335 mm