Wine Gems – Erika Obermeyer & De Houtvat

Erika Obermeyer Wines

Growing up on her family’s sheep farm near Sutherland in the arid Karoo, Erika Obermyer cultivated a profound connection with nature while exploring the veld alongside her loyal canine companion. Despite initially setting her sights on studying medicine, Erika’s trajectory shifted when she developed a passion for the outdoors, combined with an affinity for Maths and Science. This led her to enroll in a Bachelor of Science degree at Stellenbosch University, where the allure of wine took hold of her.

Upon graduating with a BSc and BSc Honours in Wine Biotechnology in 1998, Erika’s journey in winemaking began. She started as an Assistant Winemaker at Kleine Zalze in Stellenbosch in 1999, gaining valuable experience through harvest tenures in renowned wine regions in France. This exposure deepened her appreciation for the balance and elegance of wines from those regions.

In 2005, Erika embraced a winemaker position at Graham Beck Wines. Following a brief mentorship under Charles Hopkins, then-Cellar Master at Graham Beck in Franschhoek, she found herself as the sole winemaker in a world-class cellar, living her dream. Fueled by her extensive training and rewarding career, Erika took a leap of faith in 2016, establishing her own label and continuing to make significant contributions to the world of winemaking. We are very happy to offer her wines on Wine Concepts Online!

Click here to order Meticulous Sauvignon Blanc, R9 756 per case
Click here to order Flabbergast Cinsault, R9 756 per case
Click here to order Sauvignon Blanc, R9 756 per case  
Click here to order Syrah, Grenache noir, Cinsault, R9 756 per case  
Click here to order Syrah, R9 756 per case
Click here to order Cabernet Sauvignon, R9 756 per case  

De Houtvat Wines

De Houtvat is the result of a partnership between Catering Company Kos Kouture and the acclaimed winemaker Stander Maass. Despite Stander’s tendency to shy away from the limelight, a cursory search reveals his consistent presence, particularly in the realm of Pinotage awards.

Originally crafted as a table wine for Kos Kouture events, these delightful creations have now been made available to the public. If you seek a straightforward, uncomplicated wine to complement your weekend braai or a simple supper, your search ends here!

Click here to order Sauvignon Blanc, R1 152 per case
Click here to order Shiraz, R1 344 per case
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