Wine Gems – Oak Valley, Alheit & V’know

Oak Valley – Groenlandberg

Oak Valley wines have long been a preferred brand in our stores, and their range of wines consistently deliver outstanding value. Their Tabula Rasa range, featuring six single vineyard Chardonnay’s and Pinot Noir’s, is widely regarded as among the finest examples of these varietals in South Africa, and even beyond. However, for our Wine Gems selection today, we have selected their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from their premium Groenlandberg range.

Towering above Oak Valley is the Groenlandberg, a range with its highest peak reaching 1,181 meters, surpassing even Table Mountain. This majestic range plays a significant role in the development of the fruit grown in the vineyard. Its imposing presence casts a shadow over the vines and guides cold air down the valley at night. The extended shade increases chilling units, promoting uniform bud break in spring. In summer evenings, the cool air from the steep southern valleys flows like a river over the vines, enhancing natural acid retention and fostering excellent color development during ripening.

The soils in these vineyards are derived from ancient shales that formed around 500 million years ago. The topsoil is gravelly and well-drained, with a clay-rich subsoil underneath. This soil composition imparts finely textured tannins to the grapes, resulting in wines with a harmonious structure and balance.

The Groenlandberg range embodies the winemakers’ vision of crafting exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that truly reflect the unique characteristics of the site. Focusing exclusively on fruit sourced from these mountain vines, the Groenlandberg range of these two fine wines possesses its own distinct character, and its full potential is still being discovered.

We are happy to offer these wines on Wine Concepts Online. Follow the links below to order!

Click here to order Groenlandberg Chardonnay, R1 788 per case
Click here to order Groenlandberg Pinot Noir, R1 788 per case 


A beautiful tribute to South Africa’s quintessential white varieties. Spanning the winelands of the Western Cape, Alheit has meticulously sourced the finest bush vine and old vine vineyards. Each bottle is a testament to Alheit’s dedication, showcasing the unique terroir and winemaking heritage of South Africa. As we mentioned before production is down from previous years. As a result our already small allocation was even less this year, however we have a small amount of Cartology & Hereafter Here left and we are very happy to offer them to you, our subscribers.


Wine appreciation is not about snobbery and exclusivity. Wine appreciation is a lifestyle that can be unlocked through knowledge. The key to enjoying a good wine is to understand its composition, how to consume it and when. The company you are in, the setting and the occasion also play their part. V’know / pronounced vi-no/ is a down-to-earth wine appreciation pack offers a door into this knowledge filled world for the people who purchase it, with the added benefit of convenience by delivering to your doorstep.  We see our Wine Club as a journey. Whether your interests lie in everyday wines or truly special vintages, we want you to understand not just what you like but why you like it.
The V’know team undertake an extensive selection process in order to source excellent, new and exciting wines, the hidden gems which come from passionate wine makers. Every two months, 6 bottles of these discoveries can be delivered directly to your door for you to enjoy.
July/August 2023 Selection:

Bouchard Finlayson “Crocodile’s Lair” Chardonnay 2021
Mellasat White Pinotage 2019
Wildekrans Estate Pinotage 2021
Waterkloof “Circle of Life” Red 2020
The Fledge & Company “Jikken Barrels, Praeteritus Bosstok” Tinta Barocca 2020
De Krans Cape Vintage 2019

Click here to order, R1000 per case

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