Crystallum, Scions of Sinai and Thorne & Daughters


We are thrilled that the highly anticipated limited wine releases for this year have commenced, and they are already generating considerable excitement among wine connoisseurs. However, it is worth noting that the production quantities of these exceptional wines appear to have experienced a decline. As a result, the existing high demand for these wines has been compounded by their increasing scarcity, making them even more challenging to acquire.
Crystallum, a family-run winery in South Africa’s Walker Bay region, is helmed by brothers Andrew and Peter-Allan, third-generation Finlayson winemakers. Andrew’s love for vineyards and Peter-Allan’s passion for the cellar led them to create the company in 2007. Starting with Sauvignon Blanc, they expanded to include Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and now exclusively produce these Burgundian varieties. Today, Crystallum offers a range of exceptional wines, from multi-vineyard blends to single-vineyard selections. Their commitment to quality and respect for the terroir have garnered praise from critics worldwide.
As mentioned before stocks are limited, so do not delay to get your order in!
It is also important to note that this will be the final vintage of the Bona Fide Pinot Noir!

Click here to order Ferrum Chardonnay, R4 464 per case
Click here to order Clay Shales Chardonnay, R4 464 per case
Click here to order Mabalel Pinot Noir, R4 464 per case
Click here to order Bona Fide Pinot Noir, R4 464 per case
Click here to order Cuvee Cinema Pinot Noir, R4 464 per case

Other Limited Releases (So Far)

In certain instances, our allocations are limited to such a small quantity that we are unable to provide you with a case of the wine. Nevertheless, if you have an interest in acquiring a bottle or two of these extraordinary wines, please respond to this email, and we will gladly assist you in securing them while stocks last.

Scions of Sinai

Scions of Sinai is a winery in the Lower Helderberg region, near False Bay. They specialize in vineyards located just 4km from the cold South Atlantic shoreline. Their focus is on low-yielding dry-farmed bushvines growing on decomposed granite soils rich in silica. With meticulous attention to detail, they create uncompromised wines that reflect the terroir influences of the region. Bernhard Bredell, a seventh-generation descendant of Bredell wine farmers, named the winery to honor his heritage. Scions of Sinai is driven by a deep passion for the land and a commitment to producing exceptional wines that showcase the unique flavors and expressions of the Lower Helderberg region.

Feniks Pinotage, R392 per bottle
Granietsteen Chenin Blanc, R472 per bottle
Heldervallei Cinsault, R319 per bottle
Rocinante White, R319 per bottle
Swanesang Syrah, R472 per bottle
Gramadoelas Grenache Blanc, R319 per bottle

Thorne & Daughters

Thorne and Daughters Wines was founded in 2012 by John and Tasha Seccombe, who sought to produce authentic wines in the picturesque Western Cape. After a transformative journey spanning the globe, they returned to where their love story began. Inspired by South Africa’s esteemed winemaking legacy, they skillfully blend old vineyard parcels and new grape varieties, crafting wines that marry old-fashioned simplicity with a contemporary flair. With a sincere, gentle approach to winemaking, their ultimate goal is to create wines that eloquently embody the spirit of the Cape of Good Hope.

Rocking Horse White, R327 per bottle
Cat’s Cradle Chenin Blanc, R405 per bottle

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