Wine Gems – Crystallum & Glenelly


The new vintage releases continue with Crystallum wines this week.  Peter-Allan Finlayson is one of South Africa’s best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir winemakers and his Crystallum wine’s are testament to this.
They are the perfect example of how terroir plays a role in the wines despite Peter-Allan applying his same basic winemaking principals, hence giving each wine their different character.
Crystallum wines never disappoint vintage on vintage and as usual they are very limited with only a few of cases of each available so do not delay to get yours.

Click here to order Cuvee Cinema Pinot Noir, R4 056 per case
Click here to order Bona Fide Pinot Noir, R4 056 per case 
Click here to order Mabalel Pinot Noir, R4 056 per case 
Click here to order Ferrum Chardonnay, R4 056 per case 

Glenelly Glass Collection

Glenelly was established in 2003 on the lower slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains. The soil, microclimate and expertise of the owner have contributed to exceptional wines that celebrate the French heritage of winemaking in South Africa.

Glenelly wines are produced as naturally as possible with wild yeast fermentation and no acidification. The team follows a minimal intervention approach to winemaking using sustainable techniques. The grapes are picked at optimal times through harvest early to ensure  lower alcohol levels, freshness and good tannins.

Having one of the biggest collections of modern and classic glass artworks it was only natural that one of their ranges were named as such. These are wines of great quality and produced to enjoy now, however we suspect that they would stand up to some ageing.

Click here to order Unoaked Chardonnay, R750 per case
Click here to order Cabernet Sauvignon, R864 per case
Click here to order Merlot, R864 per case
Click here to order Syrah, R864 per case

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