Wine Gems – Normandie Est. 1693 & Clarington

Normandie Est. 1693

Normandie Est. 1693 is one of the original twenty nine French Huguenot farms in the Franschhoek region of the Cape Winelands. Their location on the slopes of the  Groot Drakenstein Mountain peak is twenty-eight kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, set in a unique microclimate of hot days and cool nights.
With world renowned fashion designer Mark Eisen as proprietor it is no wonder that their bottles resemble art and winemaker Johan Viljoen follows through with the wine inside. These wines are featured on wine lists of some of the world’s finest restaurants including  Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London.

Click here to order Karen Rose, 1 212 per case
Click here to order Anno 1693 Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, R1 446 per case
Click here to order Eisen & Viljoen Red Blend, R4 566 per case


The journey for Clarington started more than a decade ago at Normandie Est. 1693. Now based in Stellenbosch, the approach remains very much hands-on. The finest grapes are carefully sourced from the best terroirs in the region by celebrated winemaker and viticulturist Johan Viljoen, allowing him to honour his minimum-interference wine-making approach.
Bottles are carefully coated 5 times in special organic ink, bringing to life the exquisite globally-patented Mark Eisen design that allows for upcycling of the product, allowing for the team’s ambition of truly sustainable packaging.
The range continues to receive numerous local and global wine and design awards.

Click here to order Sauvignon Blanc, R660 per case
Click here to order Chenin Blanc, R582 per case
Click here to order Chardonnay, R702 per case
Click here to order Rose, R564 per case
Click here to order Merlot, R762 per case
Click here to order Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, R786 per case

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