Wine Gems – Maanschijn & Arco Laarman Cluster Series


A collaboration between two winemakers, Douglas Mylrea and Paul Hoogwerf, who attended both high school and university together. After studying winemaking in Stellenbosch, they went on their separate journeys, gaining experience in cellars and vineyards around the world.

Many vintages passed before a series of fortunate events led their paths to cross once again. It was at this meeting where they discovered, in each other, a shared passion and philosophy towards their craft, and together, co-founded their young wine company.

Derived from the Dutch term for moonlight, Maanschijn is now an artisanal wine production situated inside a heritage building and below a tall mountain peak – the Maanschynkop.

It is within its walls that the duo ferment low intervention wine from vineyards in the cooler Walker Bay wine district. There, they strive to craft, with their homemade equipment, distinctively fresh and uniquely South African wine.

Click here to order Maanschijn Herbarium White, R1 332 per case
Click here to order Maanschijn Herbarium Red, R1 332 per case

Arco Laarman Cluster Series

We have been fans of Arco for years and always loved his Cluster Series for it’s great value and we welcomed the addition of a Pinot Gris last year.
To explain the idea behind these wines Arco says, “Beauty is often found in the smallest things. There is plenty to cherish in a single perfect berry, but in a cluster, there is so much more. I find quality vineyards in different regions from which to produce the best possible wines for the Cluster Series.
There are so many aspects to making wine but when you put them altogether the wines are there to be shared with family and friends. In this way, I can be part of the experience with you!”

Click here to order Cluster Pinot Gris, R546 per case
Click here to order Cluster Chardonnay, R684 per case
Click here to order Cluster Cabernet Sauvignon, R798 per case

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