Wine Gems – Damascene & Merwida Papenkuils


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It has been a couple of months since the release of the new Damascene vintages and again we were struck by the amazing complexity and elegance Jean Smit brings to his wines.


The Damascene founders were united by three passions; the pursuit of excellence, a spirit of discovery, and the desire to preserve nature through sustainable agriculture. Wine entrepeneur David Curl (the former owner of Chateau Gaby in Canon-Fronsac) had begun discussions with winemaker Jean Smit about his involvement in Moya Meaker wines but after many long conversations about life, the meaning of quality, and the philosophical search for what wine should be, they were both convinced that their collaboration would not end there. Within six months, Damascene was conceived, a series of wines that would tell the story, not of their owners, or marketing trends, but of the very vineyards themselves.


Damascene wines are about telling stories. They’re born to express the way that man and place collaborate to form narrative. Both vineyard and viticulturist play a role in the story. The winemaker plays the role of editor, and each of our wines tells of their own adventure.




Click here to order Semillon R2 478 per case (only 1 case available)

Click here to order Cederberg Syrah R2 478 per case (only 1 case available)

Click here to order Stellenbosch Syrah R2 478 per case (only 1 case available)

Click here to order Cabernet Franc R2 478 per case (only 2 cases available)

Click here to order Cabernet Sauvignon R2 478 per case (only 2 cases available)

Click here to order Mixed Case R2 478 per case (only 1 case available. Contains 1 each of the above wines and Damascene Chenin Blanc)


Merwida Papekuils Range

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This range really surprised us with its excellent quality and even better value.


Merwida blossoms with Kukumakranka, Waterblommetjie, and Vleivygie, the indigenous wetland flowers that are portrayed on the new Papenkuils range of exceptional wines.


Cape Wine Master Lieza van der Merwe, from the acclaimed Merwida Wines, recently launched these wines that highlight the unique natural heritage of the Breede River wetlands between Rawsonville and Worcester. The Papenkuils range pays homage to the region’s endemic vegetation and the distinctive scenery.


Lieza is a member of the sixth-generation family vintners who continue the tradition of exceptional winemaking with five other family members. The Papenkuils flagship range is another great addition to the existing portfolio of excellent wines.



Click here to order Waterblommetjie Pinot Grigio R468 per case

Click here to order Kukumakranka Chardonnay R468 per case

Click here to order Vlei Vygie Pinotage Rose R468 per case


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