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Catherine Marshall

One of our pioneering ladies in the wine industry is the vibrant Cathy Marshall who has successfully been making excellent wines, both as a consultant for other wineries and under her own label for many years. In 1997 she started her Barefoot Wine Company (BWC) which grew from humble beginnings with a handful of friends and family who at harvest time would join in to press the grapes barefoot.


These annual BWC “foot-stomps” became a sought after annual event with wine enthusiasts having to “book” their spot months in advance! Over the years BWC had grown enormously but a decision in 2007 was made to label her limited volume premium wines under Catherine Marshall Wines.

Fine Art Collection

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” A fine wine has a lovely colour, an attractive bouquet, balance, flavour, and smoothness. A fine wine should offer intellectual and sensual rewards.” That is one of many definitions for a “fine wine” and describes this collection perfectly.


There is no doubt after tasting these that Cathy is a master of her craft. Art on the bottle and inside.


Click here to order Chenin Blanc Fermented in Clay R1 716

Click here to order Finite Elements Pinot Noir R4 950 per case

Click here to order Peter’s Vision Bordeaux Blend R2 574 per case

Catherine Marshall Range

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Amatra Range

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Cathy was approached by a group of investors to form another partnership with Catherine Marshall Wines. The purpose of the new venture was to produce a range of wines which offered character, style and ultimate drinkability. Named Amatra, which is an old Sanskrit word used by the ancient Persians referring to the vessels in which their ritual wines were stored.


Click here to order the Amatra White R768 per case

Click here to order the Amatra Red R822 per case

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