V’know is taking off

The idea of V’know has been mulling around owner, Michael Bampfield-Duggan’s mind for several years. We are thus so excited, not only to have brought this project to life, but for the interest and success it has yielded. At its core is an unpretentious wine pack that everybody can enjoy whether you are a Wine Master or taking your first tentative steps into the wine world.

Since the launch of our first pack in November, we have seen a steady growth. There is NO subscription so you can pick the packs you want on a bi-monthly basis. They make great gifts as well!

The third edition of our V’know Wine Appreciation Pack is now available. An exciting selection of six delicious wines with the detailed description of each of the wines included in the pack (including a glossary of wine terms referred to).

Click the V’know logo to order yours today!

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