Jordan Real McCoy Riesling 2011

There are many significant wine competitions that take place annually in southern Africa. These competitions contribute significantly to up the game for wineries seeking well-deserved recognition for producing the delicious wines that we all so love to consume. Last week I attended the prize-giving luncheon of the 2012 Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards held at the Anura Wine Estate.

Founder and project leader Marius Labuschagne explained that the awards focused on terroir perfection. “This is a perfect combination of soil, climate, viticulture and vinification.”

Only those wines that are certified Wine of Origin can be entered.

Now in its seventh year, entries into the awards have grown exponentially. “The variety of great terroir’s on the southern tip of Africa deserves its own recognition and must always be used to the full. We are proud to be involved,” says Derrick Roper, CEO of Novare.

The 2012 judges were Andrea Freeborough, Dave Hughes, David Biggs, Guy Webber, Irina von Holdt, Marilyn Cooper and Pierre Marais, all highly respected wine personalities.

There were 19 wine-specific categories – with one from each category winning “Top Wine”. I was delighted to see an all-time favourite wine from the Jordan winery taking Top Riesling for their Real McCoy Riesling 2011.

Riesling wines in Southern Africa have had a confusing past as there were two styles of Rieslings produced, one being the true Rhine (Weisser) Riesling and the other was an official SA Riesling which in actual fact was not a Riesling at all, but a wine made from an inferior grape variety called Crouchen Blanc.

New rules now apply which means the name Riesling can now only be used for wines made from the German variety. To support this, the team at Jordon decided to add the name The Real McCoy as their Riesling is made from Riesling grapes.

The Jordan Real McCoy Riesling 2011 is a pale straw-coloured wine with spicy, lemony aromas, leading to a delicate yet spicy dried peach flavour with a well-balanced fruity aftertaste. 

It is delicious to drink now on its own or with food, but previous vintages of this wine have been known to age beautifully.

Expect to pay: R88.50

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