Allée Bleue Brut Rose 2010


Allée Bleue is situated on the outskirts of Franschhoek, and named after the old, blue eucalyptus trees which line the imposing entrance to the estate. The farm was bought in 1999, by the Dauphin family, who are owners of the prestigious German furniture manufacturer Dauphin Human Design Group.

The estate was founded in 1690 and covers an area of 150 hectares. Having not produced a drop of wine for close on 100 years the Dauphin’s resurrected the vineyards, which has paid off handsomely as they are now producing an excellent range of wines which have gained respect all over the world.

Allée Bleue’s winemaker, Van Zyl Du Toit, has a special interest in making bubbly and prior to joining Allée Bleue headed up Simonsig’s renowned sparkling wine team which won numerous awards for its Cap Classique wines. “The most important thing I learnt about making Cap Classique was attention to detail” reveals Van Zyl. “It really is the difference between making a wine which is okay and nice and making something which is really special. Having said that, I try and put extra care and attention into every wine I make, so that they stand out from the crowd.”

The 2010 is the second vintage and is predominantly made up of local variety Pinotage (65%) along with Chenin Blanc (20%) and Pinot Noir (15%) .It offers a refreshingly fruity style drink with foamy bubbles and plenty of berry and cherry fruit offset by a clean, dry finish. Van Zyl du Toit kept the wine on the lees for 10 months, a length of time which he believes offers the perfect balance between light, yeasty complexity and fresher, fruitier flavours.

When asked what he would drink the Allée Bleue Brut Rosé with, Van Zyl’s immediate answer was “Good friends!” He goes onto explain “This is an incredibly versatile wine which really is just meant to be enjoyed – with friends, family, on your own or at a party. You can have it with food (I like it with sushi or even something a bit sweet such as a Strawberry Pannacotta) or on its own, and its whole vibe is just about turning an ordinary day into something a little bit special.”

We enjoyed a few glasses of the Brut on the weekend at Allée Bleue’s Harvest Celebration and it also paired beautifully with the excellent fresh poached salmon served at lunch.

Expect to pay R115.00 @ Wine Concepts



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