Diners Club Winelist of the Year 2011

The 2011 Diners Club Winelist Award winners for the Western Cape region were announced on Monday and the Western Cape shines once again!

42 restaurants were awarded the presitigious Diamond Award, by far the most in the country. 36 restaurants were awarded Platinum certificates, 19 were awarded in the Gold category, and 10 Silver Awards.

The awards encourage food and wine-serving establishments to improve the standards of the wine selection they offer to their patrons.

The judges, headed by Dave Hughes, look for restaurateurs who create wine lists that are in harmony with the food on their menus, those that go the extra mile and offer a variety of styles and breadth in terms of where the wines come from and wine lists that represent wineries both big and small.

Other scoring criteria focus on price (showing value for money from entry level to top wines to suit all pockets), the presence of boutique cellars, the explanation of the corkage policy for patrons who like to bring their own wine, descriptions of the wines, guidance on suitable wine and food combinations, wine available by the glass, special features such as auction wines and rarities with vintages, plus the overall impression, layout and legibility of the wine list.

A Silver Award represents a score of between 60 % and 70% A Gold Award a score of between 70% and 80%, a Platinum Award 80% – 90% and a Diamond Award 90% and above.

“As South Africans we are very proud of our wine heritage and Diners Club recognises and appreciated that our patrons expect and demand a superior wine selection when dining out. We have had excellent feedback from restaurants about the awards and their value, for which we are very grateful, and we again look forward to the awards next year to observe once again the improvements and standards on offer within the hospitality industry,” says Jane Ledger from Diners Club International.

Wine Concepts is proud that many of this year’s winning wine lists was complied or assisted by our team and proud that our years of experience in this field is recognised in the hospitality industry! For more information, read about how your establishment can benefit from a wine list designed and managed by Wine Concepts.

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat – Diamond 
Abelone House – Platinum
Shangri La Country Hotel – gold

To see how your favourite restaurant faired , view the full list of awards here.

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