Flat Roof Manor Sauvignon Blanc Light 2011

The strange weather we are having with Spring blossoms out long before their due date means we need to think about preparing our “winter” bodies for those summer days ahead! Cutting down on what we eat is one thing but we forget about the alcohol which is often responsible for some weight gain, especially from the full and rich red wines we so enjoy on cold nights!!!!!

So I have good news for you imbibers of the good stuff!!! A lovely refreshing low alcohol wine (9%) called Flat Roof Manor Sauvignon Blanc Light 2011, which believe it or not still tastes like wine!!! Good news is that a 100 ml serving of this sauvignon blanc is the equivalent of just 290 kilojoules (69 kcal), compared with 426 kilojoules (101 kcal) for the more regular Sauvignon Blancs, representing a significant saving for those watching their waistlines.

“Light but by no means slight, is how we describe this new wine,” says winemaker Estelle Lourens. “It is styled for elegance but certainly doesn’t compromise on flavour. It’s crisp and fresh with bright, vibrant and herbaceous characters on the nose and taste. What makes it so appealing is its easy-drinking refreshment. It really is a tasty alternative for winelovers who want to or have to watch their intake without having to give up the satisfying enjoyment of a delicious glass of wine. With Sauvignon Blanc South Africa’s most popular varietal by far, we’ve given people greater choice. ”

Flat Roof Manor are well known for producing a range of excellent light style wines all made by Estelle on the Uitkyk Estate. They have been well received both locally and internationally, especially in Sweden.

We enjoyed the wine on the weekend over lunch with a lovely Caesar salad!

Expect to pay R42.50

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