Retail Branding

Retail Brand Advertising
This great concept in brand building and awareness is available to a select few organisations with whom Wine Concepts does business. In today’s competitive market any additional brand awareness counts towards getting your product selected over another. At Wine Concepts we have the opportunity to offer suppliers the chance to expose their brand to our captive market. Our market is loyal, interested, wealthy, intelligent and receptive. Our shops are frequented by both local and overseas clients. The ability to influence their purchase is a powerful marketing tool.

We have signage space in our shops above the wine shelves and on our fridges. These unique positions in the shop are very focal, well lit and suited to brand awareness. Each supplier will be able to apply their own design within the space provided.

The sign boards fit into the slot provided above our shelving units. Signage design and production is for advertisers account.
Over and above signage space we offer floor space for Barrels/ Display units etc.
There are also light box spaces on our fridges, once again production costs for the advertisers account.

The space is very limited, so the impact of the signage and floor space is maximised. All signage floor space display would need to be approved by Wine Concepts prior to installation. The space is let out on a monthly basis and is available for any period the supplier wants.

What do you get out of it?

Wine Concepts will undertake to list the advertisers product range (maximum of 8 products) of the brand advertised. Further the advertiser will be guaranteed the middle/top eye-level shelf position for their products. This is the most powerful position on the shelves.

Added to the above the advertising wineries will be afforded preference in the following:

→ Promoting their product in-store at our weekly wine sales promotion programme.
→ The winery’s website link on our monthly newsletter to over 5000 subscribers
→ Consideration for food/ wine pairing on as well as Wine of the Week articles on
→ Consideration for wines supplied to our corporate accounts
→ Consideration for wine lists commissioned to Wine Concepts
→ Brand participation on our website. See the page.
→ Wines listed on new on line sales
→ Option to add logo on Wine Concepts gift bags. These are printed once a year.

These costs are based on one brand sign/ floor space and are excluding VAT. The fee is payable monthly in advance. All production and design costs are for the advertisers account.

Please contact each store individually to discuss costs and availability.