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Groote Post Chenin Blanc 2013

Groote Post Vineyards started producing wine 13 years ago and as a result it is no wonder that they have become a formidable winery in the Darling wine district on the Capes West Coast. Looking back to their entry in the 2000 edition of The John Platter guide you would see a listing of only two wines, namely a Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay both from the 1999 vintage. In 2013 they have no fewer than 13 wines on offer which include the Reserve, Groote Post and Old Mans Blend range.

Co owners and father and son, Peter (or fondly known as “The Old Man”) and Nick Pentz, are no strangers to the Darling area. Peter Pentz owned and successfully managed Union Dairy Farms and in 1998 it was no surprise that he was awarded South Africa’s Farmer of the Year. Several years ago Peter sold their high quality Holsten Dairy herd which ended the 97 years of the Pentz family being in the dairy and milk business.

Peter, a dedicated conservationist, was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve which stretches from the Milnerton Lagoon to Langebaan. The Reserve includes Groote Post which alone has 2000 hectares of conservation-worthy natural vegetation.

The man behind the wines is Lukas Wentzel who is almost part of the family at Groote Post as he has been responsible for the wine production here since 2000! So it is no wonder that Lucas has an intimate understanding of his vines and the different terroirs they have on the farm. As a result he has fine tuned each of the vineyards so that he is ensured he receives the finest fruit for each specific cultivar grown on the farm.

Last week we tasted through their recently released vintages with Lucas and Peter on hand to guide us through the wines. The wines continue to offer the quality expected from this winery but the Chenin Blanc 2013, which is one of my favourite everyday wines, must be his best vintage yet! The 2013 Chenin Blanc is the first harvest of Chenin Blanc since 2010 on Groote Post. Back in 2011 the block of Cabernet struggled to ripen its fruit so Lucas thought it best to change it to Chenin because of the perfect south facing slope and maritime conditions (the view from this vineyard equally breathtaking!).

The 2013 vintage proved that Lucas was right and the perfect ripening conditions produced this lovely fruit driven wine. The wine has a lively freshness which is emphasized with its delicious crisp green apple flavours which continue to linger on the palate long after the first sip. The wine, although in its youth, has the body to develop even further making it a pleasure to enjoy for many months ahead.

Expect to pay: R62.00

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