February 2013 Newsletter - Wine Concepts
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February 2013 Newsletter


Our winemaker friends are pleased about what is going on in the vineyards. They’re abuzz with happy people noises and the clip, clip, clip of the pruning shears for the grapes picked by hand and the hum of the automated picking machines. Picking is usually done in the early hours as vineyard managers rush their grapes into cellars while still cool from the night air.

Tanks of white, red and rosé are fermenting while the yeasts work their magic turning juice into wine.

We have been busy sourcing and tasting wines for your ultimate enjoyment and from our selection we have chosen several to add to our shelves. Come and discuss with our professional staff the wine which is best suited for you!

February also spells romance and in this issue we have some lovely ideas of where to go and what you can buy from our two stores.

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