May 2012 Newsletter - Wine Concepts
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May 2012 Newsletter

Wines 4 U May 2012

May has arrived and along with it winter, and the welcome rains that go with it for us in the Cape! But that means lovely wholesome stews and great reds around a warm fire.

The first wines – whites of course – of the 2012 vintage are edging their way onto our shelves and are looking very exciting.

Mainly crisp fresh Sauvignon Blancs which are showing so much character. We invite you to come in and trawl through our shelves to see what’s in store.

The reds are of course resting in their oak barrels and some are currently undergoing malo-lactic fermentation during which time the sharper malic [apple fruit acids] are broken down into the softer lactic [milk] acids. Sometimes this fermentation is started and encouraged by winemakers and at other cellars it starts spontaneously.

Now in its second year we will again be hosting our popular Burgundy Lover’s Festival which will be held at The Vineyard Hotel and Spa on Sunday 27th May from 2 – 5pm…..and for the first time we will be taking the festival up to Johannesburg on 7th June.

This month we have a lovely recipe from Michael Olivier, delicious wine and food dinners, great competitions and excellent tastings from well known and newer estates.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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