January 2012 - Wine Concepts
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January 2012



With the seasonal rush behind us and the holidays all but over we slowly ease back into our daily routine, and so we take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful and safe year ahead.

Those of us who over indulged with the Xmas festivities are conscious of losing a few kilos this month! We tend now to eat more salads and drink less alcoholic, lighter styled and drier wines (less sugar) which must be crisp, fresh and very cold…good for the hot weather as well! We have some delicious white and red wines (serve the reds slightly chilled at 17 deg) on our shelves which are low in alcohol…see our list below.

In the vineyards we are seeing the grapes on the vines increase in size and start to change their appearance indicating the first signs of ripening. Our wine makers prepare their cellars, buy in their yeasts and make sure all their machinery are in working order for the start of the picking season in a couple of weeks time.

Read all about our picnic ideas and braai days and more competitions for you to take part in!

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